Reach Medication Therapy Management | For Patients
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MTM for you


Reach MTM Just For You

The medication therapy management (MTM) program is designed to help you, a person with kidney disease, achieve better health with the proper use of medications. Specially trained MTM pharmacists familiar with the challenges faced by patients on kidney disease and those who have had kidney transplants. They will work closely with you and your health care team to solve medication related problems which may prevent you from achieving the best results.




Monday – Friday:
8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. ET

Comprehensive Medication Reviews:

Telephone or video chat for private, interactive, person-to-person medication review consultation

Targeted Medication Reviews:

A follow-up to the member’s comprehensive medication review to monitor and evaluate response to therapy, including safety and effectiveness of target medications

Personal Medication List:

Up-to-date medication list that can be shared with other health care providers

Medication Action Plan:

Consultation summary and individualized written “take-home points” for the member including recommendations for monitoring, education or self-management

Provider Summary Report:

Contains the member’s reconciled medication list and a summary document of any specific issue discussed with the member, informing prescriber of identified medication related problems and potential resolutions


 Patient Medication List

This medication list may help you keep track of your medications and how to use them the right way.

  • Use blank rows to add new medications. Then fill in the dates you started using them.
  • Cross out medications when you no longer use them. Then write the date and why you stopped using them.
  • Ask your doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers in your care team to update this list at every visit.

If you go to the hospital or emergency room, take this list with you.
Share this with your family or caregivers too.