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Reach MTM identifies and resolves clinically relevant medication-related problems.

Types of medication reviews provided:


Comprehensive Medication Reviews (CMR): Personalized consultation between patient and Reach MTM pharmacist reviewing all patient’s medications (including Rx, OTC, herbal therapy, and dietary supplements) via a video or telephone conference. Discussion includes any healthcare goals, assessing medication benefit and potential cost saving alternatives.


Targeted Medication Reviews (TMR):
Follow-up to previous CMR and specific reviews during transitions of care, acute events or for specific safety initiatives.


Proven benefits in pharmacy integration:
MTM reduces hospitalizations and hospital days.


All Cause

Reach MTM Outcomes:

Comprehensive medication review completion rate (CMS Star Rating) above national average

Reach MTM = 95.3%… National average = 11.4%

Initial Reach MTM visit identifies average 3.4 medication-related problems (MRPs).

Follow-up Reach MTM reviews improves patient medication therapy and reduces number of MRPs



Medication Related Problems (MRPs) are a common medical issue

Patients with CKD are at increased risk for medication related problems.
Risk factors:

  • ? 3 medical conditions
  • ? 4 medication changes over a year
  • ? 5 daily medications
  • ? 12 daily medication doses

(Am J Kidney Dis 2003)